Scalp Cooling Treatment FAQs

Who is eligible?

The first 20 eligible patients, starting on 17 November 2014 will undergo the scalp cooling procedure at no cost, after reading the patient's information leaflet and signing the consent form provided by your treating Doctor.

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What is an Oncologist?

Oncologists are specialists who assess and treat cancer patients with chemotherapy or radiation therapy. We are a team of medical oncologists .i.e we use chemotherapy and medical therapies (e.g. hormonal manipulation etc.) to treat different cancers,

What are the common cancers in South Africa?

Breast cancer is the commonest cancer among South African women, followed by cervical cancer. The commonest cancer among South African men is Lung cancer. Radiation therapy involves killing cancer cells by using 'x-rays' therapy. Radiotherapy is of the modes of treatment cases involving the bladder, cervix, the skin or some parts of the head and neck, alone or in combination with chemotherapy.

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What are the general symptoms of Cancer?

The symptoms of cancer depend on the site of the disease, but a lump, bleeding, a persistent cough and weight loss are some of the symptoms that one needs to look out for.