Consultation, Diagnosis & Advice

Methods of treatment vary according to the type of cancer, stage and general physical condition of the patient. Surgery, radiation, chemotherapy or combinations thereof may be used to treat the disease.

Our treatment is underpinned by a holistic approach to our patients and their condition and, our ability to treat and care for them under one roof. Through an array of skilled medical professionals with extensive experience in cancer and its management, we offer the following services:

  • Confirmation of a diagnosis
  • Advice on available treatment options
  • Referral to a radiation oncologist on site should you require radiation treatment
  • A referral to a wide range of surgeons and other specialists for a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment
  • Chemotherapy, Hormonal and Targeted therapies (oral, subcutaneous, intramuscular and intravenous)
  • Supportive care in between your treatments and upon completion
  • Counselling for you and your family: We work closely with a psychologist who will help you and your family to cope with the new diagnosis, its treatment and the journey ahead.
  • Pain management and palliative-symptomatic care - we work very closely with a palliative care team.
  • Clinical research with new drugs and approaches putting you at the forefront of global medical research and treatments.