Local Patient Authorizations

Once a patient is seen by our Doctors, and a decision regarding treatment is made, the treating Doctor prepares a prescription and that is uploaded into an Oncology detailed form which includes patient's details, relevant pathology, stage and therapy prescribed. It is then forwarded to the Medical Aid Oncology Department. Following this the patient is then loaded onto the Oncology programme.

Authorisation can take 2 -3 days while at the Medical Aid. It generally takes one day after authorisation for the treatment to be delivered to our Centre. Only then can the treatment commence. If and when there are any rejections, the proposed treatment plan will be submitted to a third party (SAOC) who will review and give an opinion. A mechanism of appeal is available in those circumstances.

Medical Aids on the whole do not require the patient to follow up on this process. Our Authorisations department will keep in contact with the patient, as to the status of their authorisation process.